Serving Our Veterans

Serving our Veterans


There has been an abundance of research done on equine assisted therapies. This therapy modality is effective on many levels for military Servicemembers as well as Veterans who served in prior wartime eras. What Veterans have expressed in numerous interviews as the most effective treatment is the ability to form a trusting relationship with another being. Often, when PTSD symptoms have become so debilitating, equine assisted therapy is viewed as a last resort. They have tried other therapies without success; horses add a new element and offer a different type of relationship. Unlike other relationships, horses do not tolerate manipulation or bullying and thrive on honest, open communication while being congruent with our thoughts/feelings and actions. This instant feedback from a horse provides Veterans an opportunity for on the spot correction of their attempts to cripple healthy relationships with people in their lives. It is difficult for a Service-member or Veteran to admit that they need help coping; it’s even harder to seek that help. Often, they go through long periods of time trying to drive-on through the pain – horses know the truth and help these Veterans heal by demanding honesty with self as well as with the horse.

Come and experience the healing power of horses.

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