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2019 - 2020 Equine Youth Program Newsletter

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PrograRegForm20192020Our equine youth programs provide young men and women with a comprehensive education that promotes S.T.E.M. and equestrian skills that teach young men and women everything about horses; including horsemanship training, anatomy and psychology, equine husbandry and research, and equine-assisted growth and learning.

The Benefits of an Equine-based Education

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Science: Understanding equine anatomy and psychology of the horse and comparative other mammals.

Technology Engineering and Research: Understanding methods of research and groundbreaking technology affecting the health and nutrition of the horse and comparative other healthcare-related technology of other mammals.

Mathematics: Understanding the science and mathematics and the health and nutrition of the horse and comparative to other mammals.

Sociology: Understanding the equine pecking order, leadership, responsibilities, and accountability to the herd, and comparative to social orders within the self and other mammals.

Horsemanship: Riding and understanding the locomotion of the horse, natural and artificial aids; the effect of the riders weight, hands, legs and voice and most importantly the riders spirit and emotions; how the rider's health is enhanced- increases metabolism, develops focus, balance, and concentration.

Equine Assisted Growth and Learning: The unique bond between humans and horses, the spiritual connection that helps to heal disappointment, elevates self-esteem, reduce destructive behaviors and provides opportunities for growth and forward movement of the majestic horse.

Therapeutic Riding: The use of the horse and equine-oriented activities to achieve a variety of goals, including cognitive, physical, emotional, social, educational and behavioral goals.



The Equine Assisted Growth & Learning Program is for coed youth 13 years old to 18 years old. This program operates to improve the lives of youth by improving their ability to grasp opportunities for advancement in education, character development and social responsibilities through and by the horse. The horse is the central theme of this program from which youth learn a variety of information about themselves and their place in society. The benefits of this program are vast:

Equine Assisted Growth & Learning (EAGL) provides insights and healing of emotions within for a clearer understanding of social order and correctness and prepares youth for a brighter future.

Science, Agriculture, and Technology: Youth learn aspects of the connectedness between what the horse eat - passed through its digestive system and back to the earth to begin a process to benefit other mammals.

Education Success and Job Readiness: Through the healing process of EAGL youth learn to understand the connection between their behavior and the ability to focus, concentrate, and undertake a commitment to do well in school; which will eventually enable them to obtain and maintain employment and/or pursue higher education.


There are much more benefits to EAGALA to be experienced!